‘What a wonderful world’…

Today was just fun & never boring (Well, if you exclude the thought of sleeping in Geography class!). Me and my friend, Dally, had fun in every class. Usually you wake up with the thought: ’’Great. Another day waiting at our midst’’. Hear the complaint in those words?

Seriously, I think we should just wake up one morning & smile. If it’s Monday or Sunday; pause & look at all the wonderful things around you. We all want to blame all our problems on life.  But just think positively for once. ’Stop and stare. You think you move but you get nowhere’. See, songs encourage you to ‘stop & stare’ and actually ‘move’ somewhere. I think-believe-that we should look at the beauty in everything around us. In everyone around us.

Stop wishing this brand new day away so that you can go back to bed and sleep. Rather wake up with a smile & think ‘Wow. It’s a fresh start’. Even though society and politics are corrupt…laugh! HaHa.

We only get one chance to live on this beautiful planet God gave us. So, smile dammit!

Zanė #* (14 years old)


About bethanyhouse

Bethany House Trust was established in 1998 in response to the critical needs of young people. Our mission statement is "To develop and implement initiatives that will portray the Bethany House Trust as the leading non governmental organization in developmental issues affecting children and youth, and in so doing contribute to nation building.”
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