I was blessed today by meeting a lady who taught me about thankfulness.  We were there as part of our Pregnancy Care programme.

We were at her home to give a package of clothes for her brand new grandson.  Her daughter had been through a rough time but had decided to keep the baby (her second) and we were visiting to see the new baby and to make sure everyone is ok.

They live in a shack and neither of them works.  She was embarrassed by not being able to give us something to drink.

The lady spoke about how grateful she was for us bringing her grandson clothes and that we had been there for her daughter.  She asked that if we come across any other people like her daughter that we please help them too.

She discussed how it was hard but that she was so grateful that her daughter had kept the baby.  This was her grandson!  She wanted to be able to sit around a table one day when it is going better and know that her family is around her.

She spoke about how they were really struggling and sometimes all they have to eat is cabbage…. but that she thanks God for giving them that to eat!

Not once in that hour and half of visit did this lady complain about their hardship or their lack of anything.  Not once did she sound angry or bitter.  Instead she played with her grandchildren and spoke to her daughter in a gentle tone.

At one stage she told my colleague to apologise to me as she could not speak English as she was not educated. 

What I was thinking at that time: 

“Lady you can teach me more than I could ever teach you.  It does not matter that you are not educated! You are wise and wonderful just by being you!”


About bethanyhouse

Bethany House Trust was established in 1998 in response to the critical needs of young people. Our mission statement is "To develop and implement initiatives that will portray the Bethany House Trust as the leading non governmental organization in developmental issues affecting children and youth, and in so doing contribute to nation building.”
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