Monash University Christmas Party

I was quite excited to go to the Monash University party with the children on Saturday.  It’s been a while since I’ve gone anywhere with them and I was looking forward to it.

It was a lovely warm day and the University students had done quite a bit of organising.  They had various games ready for the children and there were eats and some presents.  

It was a bitter sweet day for me and here is the reason why:  some of our children were put into a social setting that illustrated just how vulnerable and shy they still were.  Then there were children who I suddenly realised had built up so much confidence they were blossoming.

I got the opportunity to watch our children dance including a little girl who danced her heart out infront of strangers (when she first came to Bethany House she wouldn’t even look at anyone), to walk through a sprayer with one of the young children (I think she was in shock that I allowed it but she wanted to do it again afterwards) and to see that us loving our children makes a whole lot of difference in them.

I want to thank our Child Care Workers who’s love for the children have created an opportunity for them to thrive again or as someone called it “our children were free”.

I must also add that we had a group of our staff members play against the Monash University’s staff netball team.  Yes, we were out played (most of us haven’t played in YEARS) but we had fun anyway. I was very impressed to hear that the Monash University staff team practiced during their lunch breaks (you could tell that they work hard at it) and were motivated to be really good players. I take my hat off to them.

So, THANK YOU very much Monash University students for including us in your Christmas Party, it was lovely!


About bethanyhouse

Bethany House Trust was established in 1998 in response to the critical needs of young people. Our mission statement is "To develop and implement initiatives that will portray the Bethany House Trust as the leading non governmental organization in developmental issues affecting children and youth, and in so doing contribute to nation building.”
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