Fruits of a Positive Word

For the session with the Ikusasa guys today I decided to write down a positive word for each one.  This word is how I see them.

The first process was to think about each one and to remember my first impressions and how I see them now.  I have not once felt anything but respect from them and their desire to be the best that they can be.  They amaze me each time I’m with them!

Then I shared each one’s word with the group and explained why I felt this best described the person.  Well …. there was teasing, laughing and loud denials from the spectators.  However, I stuck to my chosen words and I believe each boy appreciated what I had said.  To share the positive words “tailor made” for each one showed me again just how special the boys are!

It had been a good session I thought and I was satisfied with how it had gone.  Then I was told they were going to write down words to describe me;  AND what a blessing this was! Talk about a way to soften anyone’s heart.

The fruit of a positive word is an easy tool that has far reaching consequences for the one giving and the one receiving.  I recommend it.


About bethanyhouse

Bethany House Trust was established in 1998 in response to the critical needs of young people. Our mission statement is "To develop and implement initiatives that will portray the Bethany House Trust as the leading non governmental organization in developmental issues affecting children and youth, and in so doing contribute to nation building.”
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