When we ask ….. God answers ….

This morning during devotions we were told that due to human error our finances have not come through.  This means no money for food, petrol and salaries.  Now, this is BAD NEWS for all! When there are no more answers we pray.  So we prayed; we joined hands and prayed for God’s assistance. Then we went back to work.

Less than two hours later we were blessed with sponsors who gave enough money to cover food and petrol for a while.  I’ve learnt a few lessons since working at Bethany House: one is that when there is no other avenue it’s not that we have reached a dead end.  Secondly God’s the answer, in both physical needs (e.g. the money) and in spiritual upliftment. 

There is still a long way to go to cover all our costs before the error can be fixed, but today I want to thank God for all He is and does.  I also want to thank those people who sponsored their money and to tell them that they have blessed Bethany House’s people in so many ways. Thank you!


About bethanyhouse

Bethany House Trust was established in 1998 in response to the critical needs of young people. Our mission statement is "To develop and implement initiatives that will portray the Bethany House Trust as the leading non governmental organization in developmental issues affecting children and youth, and in so doing contribute to nation building.”
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